Xtra Flow Cascade Assemblies

catalog drawing of hex style water cascade for dies and molds

OEE Companies manufactures and supplies hex style water cascades for die and molds. Cascades are also know as bubblers and used to manager thermal gradients in different areas of a production die or mold. Hex style cascade heads are made from brass and inner tubes are stainless steel. We maintain a stock for standard sizes and can manufacture custom sizes on request.

Catalog NumberMold Nipple Size(NPT)Pipe Tap Size(NPT)Tube Thread SizeHigh Flow Tube Included (12" OAL)Hex SixeOffsetECLTube End Ref.X
92XFCH0125h1/81/81/4 - 28HF187T-125/43/325/1611/1615/81.14
92XFCH0250h1/41/45/18 -24HF250T-1215/3211/3211/1617/81.3
92XFCH03753/83/87/18 - 20HF375T-1211/83/811/32121/41.64
92XFCH05001/21/21/3 - 20HF437-1213/83/83/8123/81.77