Nitrided Shoulder Pins

Nitrided shoulder pins

Our nitrided shoulder ejector pins are made from H-13 hot work steel with a core hardness of 39-43 HRC with nitrided surface to 65-75 HRC. Quality is unquestionable as our pins are widely used by injection molding and high pressure die casters throughout North America, including Tier 1 tooling suppliers.

Base P/NDiameterShoulderLengthHead Dia.Head Thick
EJPNS0031-05001/321/2L06L065    1/41/8
EJPNS0031-2000 2L06 L10L105    
EJPNS0046-05003/641/2L06 L10L105L14 1/41/8
EJPNS0046-2000 2L06 L10L105L14   
EJPNS0046-3000 3  L10     
EJPNS0046-4000 4  L10L105L14L145  
EJPNS0062-05001/161/2L06 L10L105L14 1/41/8
EJPNS0062-2000 2L06 L10L105L14   
EJPNS0062-3000 3  L10     
EJPNS0062-4000 4  L10L105L14L145  
EJPNS0078-05005/641/2L06 L10L105L14 1/41/8
EJPNS0078-2000 2L06 L10L105L14   
EJPNS0078-3000 3  L10     
EJPNS0078-4000 4  L10L105L14L145  
EJPNS0093-05003/321/2L06 L10L105L14 1/41/8
EJPNS0093-2000 2L06 L10L105L14   
EJPNS0093-3000 3  L10     
EJPNS0093-4000 4  L10L105L14L145  
EJPNS0109-05007/641/2L06 L10L105L14 1/41/8
EJPNS0109-2000 2L06 L10L105L14   
EJPNS0109-4000 4