Nitrided Inch Pins

Nitreted Inch Pins

Our nitrided ejection pins are made from H-13 hot work steel with a core hardness of 39-43 HRC with nitrided surface to 65-75 HRC. Quality is unquestionable as our pins are widely used by injection molding and high pressure die casters throughout North America, including Tier 1 tooling suppliers.


Base PartDLHT
EJPN00311/32L06L065            1/41/8
EJPN00463/64L06L065            1/41/8
EJPN00621/16L06 L10L105          1/41/8
EJPN00785/64L06 L10L105          1/41/8
EJPN00933/32L06 L10L105L14         1/41/8
EJPN01097/64L06 L10L105          1/41/8
EJPN01251/8L06 L10L105L14L145L18 L25     1/41/8
EJPN01409/64  L10 L14L145        1/41/8
EJPN01565/32L06 L10L105L14L145L18 L25 L36   9/325/32
EJPN017111/64  L10 L14L145L18       11/323/16
EJPN01873/16L06 L10L105L14L145L18 L25  L39  3/83/16
EJPN020313/64  L10 L14L145L18 L25     3/83/16
EJPN02187/32L06 L10L105L14L145L18 L25     13/323/16
EJPN023415/64  L10 L14L145L18 L25     13/323/16
EJPN02501/4L06 L10L105L14L145L18L185L25L255L36L39  7/163/16
EJPN026517/64  L10 L14L145L18 L25     7/161/4
EJPN02819/32L06 L10L105L14L145L18 L25     7/161/4
EJPN029619/64  L10 L14L145L18 L25     1/21/4
EJPN03125/16L06 L10L105L14L145L18L185L25L255L36L39  1/21/4
EJPN032821/64  L10 L14L145L18 L25     9/161/4
EJPN034311/32L06 L10L105L14L145L18 L25     9/161/4
EJPN035923/64  L10 L14L145L18 L25     5/81/4
EJPN03753/8L06 L10L105L14L145L18L185L25L255L36L39 L505/81/4
EJPN040613/32L06 L10L105L14L145L18 L25     11/161/4
EJPN042127/64  L10 L14l145        11/161/4
EJPN04377/16L06 L10L105L14L145L18 L25 L36L39  11/161/4
EJPN045329/64  L10 L14L145        11/161/4
EJPN046815/32L06 L10L105L14L145L18 L25     3/41/4
EJPN048431/64  L10 L14L145        3/41/4
EJPN05001/2L06 L10L105L14L145L18L185L25L255L36L39 L503/41/4
EJPN053117/32L06 L10 L14L145        3/41/4
EJPN05629/16L06 L10 L14 L18 L25     13/161/4
EJPN06255/8L06 L10 L14 L18 L25 L36L39  7/81/4
EJPN068711/16L06 L10 L14 L18 L25     15/161/4
EJPN07503/4L06 L10 L14 L18 L25 L36L39L45 11/4
EJPN08757/8L06 L10 L14 L18 L25     1-1/81/4
EJPN10001L06 L10 L14 L18 L25 L36L39L45 1-1/41/4