Jet Cooled Core Pins






OEE Companies will manufacture and supply your custom core pin details for use with high velocity jet cooling technology to treat soldering and shrink porosity.

For best results, core pins with small diamter cooling channels should be manufactured from premium H-13 round stock and heat treated to 46-48 Rc prior to finishing.

Best practice in design is to manufacture a cooling channel to within 10mm of the core pin tip. It is optimal to plan for the largest possible diameter cooling channel and thinnest wall section in order to move heat away from critical areas.

Things to Know about High Velocity Jet Cooling

  • The most common cause of failure is plugging the flow path due to minerals in the water
  • Jet cooling is mainly used to eliminate die solder and can extend life of core pins
  • Steel wall separating the cooling from the metal can be less than 3mm
  • Jet cooling can be used to speed up cycle time
  • Pressures of 150 psi can be sufficient for jet cooling