High Pressure Jet Cooling Cascades

High Pressure Cascade

OEE Companies can supply your high pressure water cascades for use in cooling small diameter core pins less than 0.500" Ø.

Things to Know About High Pressure Cooling

  • It is mainly used to combat die solder and extend life of core pins
  • It can be used to speed up cycle time
  • Core pins with cooling channels should be manufactured from premium H-13 and heat treated 46-48 HRC
  • The steel wall separating the cooling from the melt can be less than 3mm
  • The most common cause of failure is plugging the flow path due to minerals dissolved in the water
  • The injection of water should be timed to start after metal is solidifying
  • High pressure of 150 psi or greater is usually required, however; over 400 psi is not usual