Custom Chill Vents

Standard Size

H-13 Components can manufacture your custom chill vents and vacuum blocks, to your needed dimensions, out of premium H-13, P20, pre-hard H-13, copper, or tungsten. We can work from your design or provide an optimal design for your application. Additionally, we can manufacture the footprint to fit existing spaces created for other manufacturer chill vents in the mold set to match size and bolt patterns. A chill vent or vacuum block consists of the following sections:

Footprint - This is the overall size (square or rectangular). The block itself consists of a male and femal half

Serrations - This is the functional area providing resistance against metal flow while allowing for air escape

Gap - this is the cross sectional area between the serrations that allows for air and metal flow. The minimum gap is the governing area for the system

Shutoff Face - This is the portion which seals the two halves

Gate - This is where the metal enters the block

Exit Port - This is where the air exits to atmosphere either passively or through a vacuum connection

Locating Key - This is the portion that ensures the two halves of the block meet correctly to ensure evacuation