Chill Vents for High Pressure Die Casting

OEE Companies offers the widest selection of chill vents and vacuum blocks for high pressure die casting tools. Our chill vents are manufactured from ESR grade premium H13 steel and finished with gas nitride. Our manufacturing process achieves the highest quality finish to ensure solid metal flow and ejection. Chill vents have been successfully designed and utilized to vent gas and air from high pressure die cast tooling for decades.

Because of the long history of using chill vents for effective porosity reduction in the die casting industry, a wide variety of styles by various manufacturers exist. OEE Companies can offer exceptional quality chill vents and vacuum blocks to fit any manufacturer design for existing or new tooling. Additionally, OEE Companies can design and manufacture your custom chill vents and vacuum blocks according to tooling and casting needs.

Below you will find links to chill vents that fit many of the most common styles of pockets. Our manufacturing methods ensure the highest quality to reduce or eliminate sticking and soldering of metal in the chill vents serrations while permitting gas and air venting. Often switching to OEE chill vents over your current supplier can improve casting results and reduce maintenance time.